It’s (sadly) Official

I am now more overweight than I have ever been in my life and not by any small amount either. I am now over 8 pounds heavier than ever before. This would explain why I have no respect for my appearance any more, why I feel very often depressed and, most important, why I am in so much horrible pain so much of the time. The simple truth is that my lower joints simply cannot manage the weight I am putting on them. Add to this a feeling of being mostly tired, that I am sweating an awful lot and it all adds up to a life changing experience.

From right now I am on a diet change and that is going to mean zero fat. One cup of tea a day and the rest either water or cordial drinks. Only eating salad and fruit and getting a lot more exercise. If I don’t do this I am going to get worse and worse until there is no recovery point and I am on 24/7 medication just to cope with life. I am not going to spoil what should be some really enjoyable experience because I eat too much.

Time to start over and I need the help of everyone around me

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