Water Everywhere

OK, maybe not everywhere but is sure feels like it with all the new lakes we have around here!

I have been struggling financially lately but Matt just spent quite a bit of his compensation money and is well and truly flaunting it in front of the girls saying how he’s going to put on their favourite programmes yet not let them watch the things and they can’t play on his new Xbox 360. True brotherly love.

Daisy in particular has been using the J lounge almost nightly and rarely cleans up after herself, Zoey is struggling to load the programmes she wants on her ageing PC. John has been muddling through with his laptop but is clearly upset that he can’t play the games he wants to it and has been using my machine more often. All in I decided ‘to hell’ with the money and have bought the girls new laptops each and John a really rather cheap base unit to replace his laptop which is going to Jermaine.

John mentioned this to Matt this evening on the way home and Matt got really shirty demanding to know where I got the money from? I had a right cheek apparently telling him to repay me the money he owed and then going and spending it on the girls and John when I ‘should have’ been spending on the holiday spending money.

I have gone from being contented with my day to being really angry and miserable. I am just sick of Matt making me feel this way, I really don’t deserve it. This is like living with my dad all over again. Always being questioned on how I choose to live my life, to justify what I do whilst he feels everything he does is right and I don’t have any right to complain. It’s just getting too bloody much!

Yesterday we went to take a look at the new place Jermaine will be going to, hopefully in June. It’s in Occupation Road, Corby in a building known as ‘The Coach House’. It really is a lovely flat and is now all fully furnished with everything he could need. My only concern is the amount of time it is taking to process the paperwork and that someone else will get in first.

We keep meaning to visit Nick but just have not got around to it … maybe sometime this weekend we can as we don’t have anything arranged.

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