… and I am the bad guy again

I have been looking forward to watching ‘Happy Feet’ for some time now. I wanted to see it at the cinema but just never managed it so I was quite keen when the DVD arrived through the door earlier.

My plan was to watch it this evening if I wanted to but that kinda looked unlikely as Matt had Kerry over so I resigned myself to not seeing it until perhaps the weekend sometime.

I set myself up in the office to catalogue my software collection which was bound to take some time. Just got settled into it when Kerry left and Matt came straight in saying we should go watch the movie now. I explained I was kinda busy but he started to do the reasoning thing so I said I’d be along later. Daisy soon started shouted that the movie was about to start so get a move on.

So, I put everything on hold and headed in there to find there were actually no seats. John, Matt and Daisy were on the main sofa and Zoey was taking up most of the two seater allowing me just the end nearest the door.

That made me really upset because I so wanted to see it relaxed and cuddled up to John. I walked out again and then started to get moaned at because I was spoiling the ‘family event’. I tried to explain how I was feeling but wasn’t being listened to, getting sarcastic remarks off Daisy and Matt was just accusing me of lying saying how I never intended to watch the movie anyway. He’s announced he’s going out, I don’t know if he is or not.

It’s always like this, others do something to upset me yet it’s me that ends up being made to feel even more crap than I felt already.

I’ve been real busy all day today doing stuff that needed doing and little of it for me. I got just 3 hours sleep last night and yet was up for a meeting at Daisy’s school to try and sort her out. I’ve been doing washing and putting things away. Writing email, putting feelers out for a job in IT. I have been trying to sort my Ipaq out as it wasn’t working right. John needed something loaded on his PC. Went looking for a birthday gift for Matt, drove to get fish and chips. In short a right busy day.

John didn’t get out of bed until the afternoon then soon after he and Matt went down town to enjoy themselves. The girls have sorted themselves out with Daisy going straight onto her laptop when she got in and assuming her only chore was to finally put away some washing she was meant to sort out last week.

Well, I was stressed and just needed to chill out and put my feet up and there they were just sitting there like I was the most unimportant person on the planet and I just felt like shit, it was the last straw and it just didn’t need to have happened, it’s just a respect thing. Always make a seat for the man in charge kind of thing but that just doesn’t happen here and I am sick of the competition in my own house.

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