Anus Horiballess

Excuse my Greek!

But seriously, it ain’t so good right now on the child front and I am feeling like a failure as a parent.

Not only have I in the past year had to deal with one of my kids shagging a child but also learnt that two of them smoked. Both promised not to, both lied to me. One of them, our Daisy, feels that tobacco is not enough and so has been on weed too, yesterday she was shoplifting and I am so much feeling like a complete parental failure because it’s so opposite to what I have brought them up to know is the difference between right and wrong.

Matt appears to think it’s OK to keep me stressed out over stuff and let things he knows bug me trundle along for weeks or months rather than just simply resolve them which is rarely more complex than a quick conversation or telephone call. This latest one is his need to arrange to have the time for our July holiday booked off work. He tried to book it weeks ago and it was declined and he’s done nothing about it since. He also has a passport application sitting in his room which has sat there for a month waiting on him to complete it. He could resolve both these things simply. On one he needs to just sign it, pop it in an envelope and post it. The other he needs to speak to a manager at work and find out for sure if he can have this two weeks. If not then he needs to either cancel the holiday or look for another job.

He knew about Daisy smoking and doing drugs months ago but decided not to tell me because he wanted to remain popular with her … he’d already said he’d given up on being able to stop her so he decided to carry on being popular and provided a cigarette to her. So, not only am I unaware of what she is doing but he is actually encouraging it … to be popular. As if my life was not difficult enough already.

I am really not sure right now just how much energy I have got to deal with all his shite. Not that I feel life’s problems would be resolved were he not involved but they would be significantly easier.

To Daisy’s credit, it was her that finally told me about the drugs and smoking … oh, did I mention the sex? Where the fuck did I go wrong?

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