Big News!!!!!

OK, not so big news first … Matt, as usual, missed most of his party last night which was a shame because it was really quite cool. He still insists he was in control of things but then, he was in bed by around midnight and the party finally closed down around 3am.

Earlier on we’d been to see the Mikado in Stantonbury and it was good, as they normally are with the G&S mob there. I am still not sure it is quite my thing but I can’t fault their production which was excellent.

Now, the BIG NEWS … I have been building up to a mid life crisis for some time and normally when I have these things it involves the USA in some way and now is no exception.

Earlier on this morning I had it confirmed that I’d won on Ebay a Sebring.

I got it for under what I was prepared to pay which has to be a bonus. The downer is that it’s going to cost me around £2500 to get it road worthy again which means selling my C5 ASAP else I’ll not have the money for it. selling that car is going to be a paid because I need to get it repaired first which clearly I am now going to do as cheaply as I possibly can. I reckon pay for the engine problem, get one new tyre, a bit of paint for the headlamp washer covers and screw in the underside and off it goes and hopefully for around £5000 but if I can get more, great stuff!

Potentially I could be off the road for some three months whilst repairs are done, less if it takes longer to see the C5 but then, I don’t want to be sweating that I won’t have the money to pay for the repairs. I could always put it on the car of course but hell, that means interest payments which I could well do without.

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