Everything was going so well. I did the math and I could afford to buy the new car with even a bad sale price on the old car, it was perfect, a win win situation. I really should know better.

Turns out that to get rid of this message on the screen in my car is going to cost me the better part of £1000 which not only gets rid of any element in my figures for error but also means I am going to have to find at least £500 I don’t have (more off the holiday spending money I guess) to get the jobs done. If it then happens to cost more than estimate to get the Sebring running again I am screwed, the money isn’t there and all because I was stupid enough to buy yet another crap Citroen!

I despair at times at how my luck goes, when is it my turn to get some good luck?

On the plus side, this time next year the events of this moment and the next few months will all be forgotten as (hopefully) I will have got back out of debt by then and everything will be rosy again … why do I just know that’s bollox

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