What’s to show?

With 1 1/2 days left on the C5 being auctioned on Ebay I have 7 people watching it … not one bid, not one contacting me to arrange a viewing. This is not looking good as simply watching means sod all in terms of hard cash and that’s what I need right now. If not right now then certainly in the coming month.

It is now less than 3 weeks until my birthday. At a time when I should be reaping the rewards of decades of parenting I am still knowing that my birthday, if it is notable at all, will be because of my partner or my friends, my family will no doubt fail to acknowledge it more than saying ‘happy birthday’ and that’s that. My dad will most likely send a cheque which will get absorbed into the family budget because that’s the way of things. Jermaine can’t do anything just because he can’t. Matt can’t do anything because he has no money and he just won’t. At least I have the day clear from meetings but that may not stop the phone ringing about something I don’t want to deal with on my birthday. The day after I have an important meeting to discuss Jermaine’s future.

The weather is dire though there is, apparently, the chance of some nice warm stuff on Thursday so, memo to self … get one’s arse out there and enjoy it. Hopefully Thursday will also be my last day with the car too. After this I am off to check Ebay rules again regarding sellers and buyers and what rights I have if someone makes a bid then refuses to buy the car on the day.

It’s Nick’s birthday next Monday and I have no idea what to get him. Money is tight and we may not have a car so I am stuck for ideas. I was considering just paying for a removal van for him and lending my muscle and John’s for the day to move him into his new place. He won’t get that on the day of course but at least it is something positive.

It is really difficult to resist the urge to spend money at the moment. As most of it has been spent on fast food I am concentrating strongly in that area to reduce the cost. It’s not good for me and is putting the brakes on other things I want to do.

Off to Robin’s place today to see if I can see anything obviously wrong with his PC. I do so hope it is obvious because there is no money to replace anything. I am hoping it’s just a loose connection inside as it doesn’t sound like a software issue. Fingers cross on that as I don’t want to spend all day getting nowhere with it.

Matt has not given me any indication of whether or not he needs a lift anywhere. He did his usual trick yesterday or bringing Zoe over and hiding her in his room. From what I could tell they were still up gone 02:30 and that may only have given either of them 3 1/2 hours sleep. Bloody stupid if you ask me when Matt knows he has to be up until around midnight. He’ll probably be puppy dogging outside where Zoe works as well. He’s an idiot as usual. Says he doesn’t want a girlfriend yet running headlong into a relationship in all but name, totally on the rebound … I just so hope we don’t have any grandchildren any time soon as that was most certainly the subject of my nightmare last night.

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