They couldn’t make it up!

Yes, you guessed it, number 2 son is going to get back with the child girlfriend. Oh, they are not seeing each other right now, oh no, not actually going out because they said they weren’t. They do however see each other when ever possible and Matt has used up half a month’s phone credit on her already in just one week. OK, not strictly true, he’s used it up on her and his other girl he’s also not going out with ‘Zippsy’. Whilst Matt and the child are not currently seeing each other this is to be resolved in July when they apparently are going to see each other again. Yes, like me, you are probably wondering ‘what the fuck?’ but I am sorry, I don’t have the answers.

I spoke to him earlier and these are his views:

It would be wrong for his gay mate of 19 to date a guy of 14 even 10 months after they started dating if they were still together

It would be wrong for a guy of 19 to be dating his 14 year old sister even 10 months after they started dating if they were still together

It would be wrong for any of his mates to date a 14 year old 10 months after they started dating if they were still together etc

Indeed, it’s wrong for everyone except him because we have to stop seeing Kerry as a 14 year old child, no, for convenience in his argument, she is ‘just Kerry’ and he, of course, loves her which makes it all right, good, got that?

His life is meaningless without this child in it … that before this child entered his life he had money, some talent, a university course he was proud of, some mates and some pride, this means nothing because he loves her. He’d happily go to jail for this child, she is that important to him.

There is a level of stupidity in a person I seldom confront and I hate to say I am seeing it in my son. On the one hand he has the chance of a good, long and happy life and on the other he has prison, shame, no friends, no money, no career … in short, this child is taking him down to a level my snobbery doesn’t want me to go and most certainly not my kids. Every parent wants the best for their kids and when I see someone ruining the life of one of my kids I see red. He may be 19 but he’s acting like a 13 year old with raging uncontrollable hormones and is no longer in control of any aspect of his own life. Something radical needs to be done … the question is … what?

Several things have crossed my mind … go speak to Kerry’s parents, tell them how I feel, how angry I am that their child has ruined the life of my son, how their bad parenting has led to their daughter thinking it’s OK to give up her childhood, have sex at 13. … I could very easily expose Kerry as the 14 year old child that she is, someone who we know to be two faced and to do things behind Matt’s back because she knows he’ll believe her excuses and forgive her … I could tell her that he’s seeing Zippsy … I could tell the police I am concerned that I think they are still sleeping together … I could tell Kerry’s dad I am sure they are still sleeping together, that should get Matt a beating and Kerry grounded until she’s 18. Not that I want any harm coming to Matt but if he’s not going to even listen to his own logic some desperate measures may need to be taken. Or, I could just sling him out. If he’s going to throw his life away and not allow me to help then he’s better off on his own, doing his own thing, making his own huge mistakes and not bringing the rest of us down with him … what the fuck, I sure had no idea just how much trouble teenagers could be and I am sure Matt is turning out to be a very bad example of teenager!

John has an interview Friday with Primark. This is good but also, real difficult because I am already on mega stress levels and now I could be faced with two things that are very life changing. John not being here all the time and I would find it really lonely without him plus messing up our entire benefits right at a time when we need to save and pay out a lot, right when I so don’t have spare buffer money. In short, getting the job is going to create for me more work than I could really handle right now but handle it I would have to … what a bloody horrible few months this is turning out to be.

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