17 Minutes

12 watching – 0 bids 🙁

Could the price be too high?
Are they all waiting until the last moment to grab a bargain?
Are they time wasters?
Are they mates and interested parties just making the figures look good?
Is this the wrong time to sell?

16 mins … zilch

15 mins … zilch

11 mins … zilch, no change, nothing happening

Am expecting some email in around 12 mins suggesting an off ebay sale of £3500

10 mins … zilch

7 mins … zilch

6 mins … zilch

What the fuck do I do, I need this money and going lower is going to cripple me financially … even at this price I lose over £2500 in a year from what I paid.

1 min … zilch 🙁

< 1 min ... zilch :-( I feel totally crap … right now I am thinking sledge hammer, insurance claim. Right now I am hating all those tight fisted bastards that won’t things given away. Right now I am really hating all those 12 that watched my misery

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