3 1/2 hours

That’s what is left on the car.

The figure currently stands at £2350.00. No one has bid in many hours, only 5 people have bid at all since the listing appeared.

There have been no messages since this morning and that was discounted as one wanting it for £2500.00.

No one has looked at it

In short, this car is not going to sell as far as I can see, we are back where we were the last Ebay listing, zilch.

I can give it two weeks on Ebay but then I may just have to cut my losses, pay for the repair to the Sebring and sell it, I really cannot afford both and if I can’t sell the C5 I have to sell the one that will sell.

How does that make me feel?

Like I don’t matter, like in the great scheme of things I am meant to be a giver, not a receiver. I know giving is jolly commendable but … well, enough said on that

I shall update just after 10:30 when the auction ends

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