Car Update

After the failure to sell on AutoTrader and the failure to sell first time around on Ebay it is once again on Ebay using a different tragedy.

With just 14 hours left to go there is not one person who has said they will be viewing it. One person offered £2500 subject to seeing it (like it could possibly be so bad as to only be worth that!)

Currently it stands at £1605.00 but that’s a totally fake figure assisted by a friend who kindly agreed to keep the bidding going until the reserve was met. There have been no bids since 22:03 on 18th. That’s 12 hours of stillness.

I know I am being told not to worry, things will all happen in the last hour or so but having been in the last hour or so once before, experience is showing me that no movement at this stage means no bugger is really seriously interested in it. Sure, there are 26 watching but that’s all they are.

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