It’s lovely this morning … the clouds are starting to roll in but it was great to wake this morning with the sun through the curtains and the feeling of heat.

Whilst I know the BBC are crap at forecasts it is nice to just hold on to the thought that this week may be a getting better type of week with some real prospects of shorts and t-shirts required.

Today does not feel like a Sunday … actually, it does but somehow tomorrow doesn’t feel right being Monday.

I am really missing Jermaine and feeling terribly guilty for not visiting more often, I really don’t have any excuses. OK, yes, I have excuses. It is a crap drive, it gets me knackered, I can’t afford the fuel, the country lanes are so small it risks damaging the car each time and the staff there piss me off occasionally. My reason is that it is easier not to. Somehow I console myself telling me that he doesn’t miss us, barely remembers who we are etc. Would I be the same with any of the other kids? Well, yes, I think I would because I’d expect them to contact me if they needed anything. Maybe invite me over now and then, come here for tea.

Watched Dr Who last night … still can’t see the appeal of it for anyone over 12. Predictable nonsense from what I could see. The special effects are really cool now but the story lines? Nah, there are better things to watch on TV.

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