… and sometimes …

We need shit but end up with weeds anyway.

It could be fair to say I am going through a rough patch right now, one which has been getting worse and worse for a few months culminating in me thinking very seriously about going to sleep and not waking up and I mean ‘really’ thinking about that as an option in a logical and calculated way. Not that my conclusion was entirely against the idea, there were some considerable merits to the possibility. My rejection decision is because I feel I owe me one chance to get it right but, if I am honest, I feel I only have enough energy left for one more crack at it. My brain will not be able to handle another major issue in my life.

The C5 is once again advertised at a price I feel it should get. If it doesn’t then I am screwed. There is no point holding on to the idea of keeping the Sebring and I will just have to sell that as soon as it’s repaired. If that’s what I have to do I shall also sell the C5 at the same time for what ever I can get for it just because by then my spirit will be shattered and I just want nothing to do with cars in any shape or form, just so not worth it. Further to that I am seriously considering no matter how popular, just looking for an exchange and moving back down south again, somewhere like Brighton. I have lived in Northampton for 12 years nearly and my memories of the town are not brilliant. I am actually still scared of what others will do to me here. Too often in this town I have been a victim. I know I have just had really bad luck but I don’t think it’s ended yet, I feel I can still be a victim just for being gay in this town and I hate that. I hate that I could finally sort out this mess with the car and then get the Sebring smashed up outside just because someone is jealous of the poof having not only a nice house but a nice car to match. I just so don’t need that. I know the police are crap so I feel totally unprotected from the harm the bastards could do me.

Hopefully, if I do sell the C5, if Matt starts behaving himself and repaying me, if the holiday is OK, if I start being able to relax more and Jermaine is living in Corby so I don’t feel permanently guilty, maybe then I’d reconsider but as it is I just want to run away and try again somewhere where I am not known.

Failing that, a fucking lottery win would go down very nicely thank you very much!

I just so want ‘NEED’ something to go right for me, I need the sun to shine and I need no more bloody shit cos the roses are not growing.

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