Flippin’ ‘eck 2

It’s darned well half term again, do these school never stay open more than a few days?

The car has still not sold, not even a glimmer of interest and I am in a frame of mind whereby I am just enjoying this next month as after that my life is about to become hell as I am going to have to start spending money I don’t have, paying mega amounts of interest and generally going through financial hell. I have never before known a car so difficult to sell as this Citroen is being. It’s be understandable if there was something wrong with it but there isn’t, it’s as sweet as can be and will make someone a lovely motor but it seems destined to remain a millstone around my neck and I could end up losing loads if it doesn’t go soon.

The shite hit the fan with Matt today. Daisy told Kes about Matt and Zipsy and Kes told Kerry who then got to confirm the details. Kes managed to tell Kerry that it was me that told her … actually, I suspect that Daisy didn’t tell her either, she’d probably overheard something from someone else who’s seen Matt and Zipsy together (not difficult as they are seen out quite often) Anyway, Kerry knows and has apparently told Matt it’s over (she’ll change her mind within the week). Kes is also saying that Kerry planned on seeing some other guy this weekend anyway to make Matt jealous so he’d dump her … oh what a complicated web doth get weaved.

Matt is now saying he hates Daisy because she has ‘ruined my life’ which is, of course, total bollocks because Matt is quite capable of doing that all on his own and has done again here. It was only a matter of time before Kerry found out from somewhere and clearly Matt was burying his head in the sand again hoping she’d not find out or that he’d find the right moment to slip the whole sleeping with Zipsy thing into the conversation.

Whilst down town earlier and bashing into Matt and Zipsy (who I like by the way) she was there smoking away seemingly trying to hide the fact. I am wondering now if Matt is smoking again? I am also wondering how much of the money Matt owes me he is again spending. As yet he has given me no reason to believe he’s going to keep his end of the bargain and treat the loan I gave him as his priority after his commitments.

Martyn says his mum is not well again and in hospital. He mentioned the possibility of pneumonia and that set me back remembering when my own mum was in hospital for the final time. Hers was a far more serious condition though I didn’t know that at the time. She also had septicaemia and it was primarily that which killed her but, my point is, I remembered how useless I felt at the time and so hope Martyn doesn’t have to go through that and that his mum will soon be well enough to come home again to them.

Robin’s place is coming along. I am think I am probably way too knackered to do anything major for a few days though. I need to devote some time to here as well. With Zoey at home tomorrow we may well just blow our last ten quid and go watch a movie.

Planning to see Jermaine on Saturday. Dad wasn’t too happy about him when they visited last weekend so I am checking it out for myself.

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