Developments … or are they (evil cackle)

Got a call from my man at the garage earlier … the car should be ready next week AND it looks like it will be coming in under budget (this last one I shall believe when I get the bill)

I have listed the C5 on Ebay again, I really cannot afford to not sell it and don’t want to take the risk of placing all the repair costs on a credit card I then can’t afford to repay, I don’t need large interest payments on top of everything else.

We are going to Northampton Museum today

Other things remain the same:

  • I am still overweight and can’t afford to go to the gym
  • The weather is rubbish
  • Martyn’s mum is still not well and I liked his mum when I met her
  • Zoey is still in the shower
  • We are still broke
  • I still love John
  • I still despair with Matt
  • I am still going to be 44 next Monday

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