Things are moving …

Sadly, not at a pace to get the heart pounding but they are moving.

The car has had 7 bids on it dragging it up to a staggering £746! Yes, that’s right, less than 25% of the true value … I just have to admire the optimism of those who have thus far put in an offer.

Earlier I had a guy with a very strong Brummie accent call me saying how keen he was in buying the car and he meant it to, clearly he’d done his homework. Of course, that’s not going to go smoothly as he needs to sell his current car first, a Jag ‘s’ type. He said he’d call tomorrow but I am not holding my breath on that one.

Several and I mean, too bloody several companies have called me to sell their services on the pretext of being supplies of buyers … total bollocks and they get the reply I am in the mood for at the time of calling … one had the nerve to call back and ask if we got cut off, silly cow.

Matt has come home pissed. He didn’t get up for work this morning either so it’s good to see that nothing is changing there then, really proving how responsible he is now being. How much of my money this is costing I can but speculate of course but from where I am it looks like there is less money coming in that anticipated because of the lost hours. The mobile phone is clearly still being used despite him being totally out of credit as happened when he called me yesterday. I don’t know if he’s actually taking money from his account but suspect so. In short this is Matt again burying his head in the sand and assuming this is all going to sort itself out, oh brother.

Daisy is at Kes’s house tonight, not one of my better decisions that one as her family are nutters and smoke like troopers. At best she’ll be back tomorrow stinking, at worst, the fag smoke won’t be from those she was staying with.

My PC is throwing some wobblers at the moment so some serious defragging going on along with some proggies being reloaded and I hope that solves the problem.

I am somehow feeling more optimistic about things yet have no facts to base that upon … maybe something is in the wind … should not have had those beans earlier.

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