Oh my … what a birthday with a twist in the tail

I have had a wonderful birthday so far today.

John has been a star and tried really hard to make things good for me. He got me one of the things off my wish list which I do keep telling myself I am going to stop playing with but it’s just so cool I have to keep having a go. It’s one of those robo-raptor things and it’s just such fun. Zoey gave me some things she took from a book of hers which was really sweet of her. Daisy got me a Discworld novel … Matt and Zoé got me a t-shirt each with Matt additionally getting me a Spidey potato head. There has been other stuff of course but that’s the basics.

Robin did me proud with a fantastic meal and wonderfully unhealthy cake. There was a small panic over his car but that was sorted quick enough not to cause a problem.

I have been txt’d by 3 people to say happy birthday and got some cards too.

Everyone else in the house is doing their own thing now so I thought sitting down at the PC would be a cool thing to do. I suddenly got a yellow announcement message pop up and when I checked it was an Ebay notification … the car has reached the £3400 reserve … effectively it is now sold and fingers crossed nothing happens to go against that, this now means we can relax and enjoy the new car … the only thing in question now is just how much it will go up to. I am going to be so angry if this bidder pulls out but he seems OK, has a good rating and 93% positive feedback. The only negative was when he/she apparently didn’t turn up … I so hope that isn’t for a car!

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