Car Sold! (or is it?)

Yesterday the car was sold for £3600 (that would be Weds). I sent the invoice off to the buyer straight off then, about half an hour later he wrote me saying he’d won the car, can I send my address and phone number to him (which I’d already done of course).

I did as requested and have heard nothing since and I am concerned about it. Apart from anything else I think it’s impolite to get to the check-out and ignore the sales assistant and not get out the wallet, it’s just rude. That’s what it feels like this guy is doing. I know there could be all sort of reasons for it but it’s not the way I work. Let’s just hope he contacts me later on today (Thursday)

I have someone from the DWP (benefits people) to chat to me about Zoey’s benefit’s and whether or not she can handle her own affairs. Currently she can’t but there may be an occasion when she can so it makes it a little awkward to deal with such matters without her there.

John’s hair didn’t turn out as planned on Tuesday and went what appeared to be ginger but today it is more of a light brown and really looks quite sexy. Anyway, he doesn’t like it and wants it more blonde so after the person from the DWP has been here I am going to attack it again with the peroxide.

My hair annoyingly looks OK yet I dislike it being this long myself. It’s so frustrating when I am receiving compliments like I have not done in years to a style I don’t much like!

I was a little cross with Nick earlier but on re-reading his text I misunderstood. I read it as ‘can we do lunch tomorrow’ whereas he actually just said ‘lunchtime’. So I was half expecting to get lunch supplied and it didn’t happen. Thankfully, if this guy actually collects the car I see no reason to give him any more diesel then he needs to get to a garage so I can’t really be too concerned about what I am using the diesel for!

Charlie was round earlier and so was Robin which probably worked out well as the two of them did some chatting about the theatre.

Robin was bad earlier and was refusing to eat again. He’d not eaten much all day and had been sick too so it was obviously important for him to eat. There seems to be an increase in such incidents of late which normally means he’s about to hit a low. It’s just so terribly important that he gets back to eating properly again even if he doesn’t have a main meal but just eats 4-5 times a day small snacks of reasonably healthy food.

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