The one with no title

C’mon, it’s early and I can’t be arsed with thinking up witty titles!

The car is still running and, more important perhaps, outside my house! Yesterday I paid £230 to get the last bit of bodywork sorted out, just a windscreen repair to go and it’s as good it its going to get. (It’s only a small chip so shouldn’t be a problem)

When I say that, about it being good as its going to get I mean until I get the parking sensors fitted of course and I go see a little man about those next week.

I spent quite a bit of last week fretting about my Dad and his wife coming over. I am 44 years old and what he thinks still gets to me. As far as I am aware there is not one thing I have done in my life for which he is proud of me so still I try to impress him even when I so know it’ll never happen. John and me spent an age working on the garden. Kath still managed to be critical of the front though. She was also (or came across as) bitchy about the car wanting to know how I can afford a car like that? The implication seemed to me to be that someone like myself, scrounging off the state, shouldn’t have a nice car.

As usual she refused my dinner. She also managed a game of one upmanship by comparing her grandson Max to Daisy saying how they are the same age yet Max has taken his GCSE’s already. Dad said rather little as it happens, probably best.

Jermaine came over too and it was his best visit to date. There were loads of smiles and giggles and not a sign of anger.

Matt & Anne seemed to be having issues so came across as somewhat rude. Matt bit my head off when I called out to him his grandparents were leaving which wasn’t very nice. Yesterday he bit my head off because I suggested I collect him from town 20 minutes earlier than I’d agreed because that was what fitted in with my plans. He’s only managing to hand out 2-3 CV’s each day and not following up leads he gets for jobs. He is so going to get himself in a lot of bother very soon and if he’s messing me about and deliberately not doing anything to make sure he can stay here then it’s so going to backfire on him because it’s just totally disrespectful and what got us in this situation in the first place. As usual his social life is his #1 priority and all else is just meant to fall into place despite the overwhelming evidence that this is not what happens in life.

Robin is once again going through a spell of feeling down. I think we may have got to the root of it now and it is a very heavy situation. On the plus side, I think there is a resolution, something Robin can do which may well help end the cycle of depression but it is going to be really difficult to him as it means making some life changes. He knows deep down he is in the thoughts of many throughout hi life it is just difficult for him to accept that as he has such a low opinion of himself.

Did I mention I have a new car? 😉

Oh, one interesting thing also … we’d noticed that files we had on the network here seemed to be going missing and just couldn’t work out what we’d done with them. It turned out that Zoey had decided she didn’t want all these things cluttering up her laptop so was deleting them! Now I have the task of putting the collection back together again!

Zoey is at college now by the way, and she’s really loving it. We can’t see her for dust when she gets ready in the mornings.

This afternoon we should be getting our two new cats.

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