Money doth dribble away

Yes, my money is escaping from every direction but, I hope, will recover OK and the things it is going on are generally worthwhile.

Tesco (bless them) have almost totally paid for a week in Gran Canaria for Pride next May, now that has to be a good deal. They will also pay for train tickets over to France in October and for ferry tickets for a trip Deej and I are taking to Disneyland in November. My timing of that one could have been better but I did not realise that the ‘Tower of Terror’ was opening as early as January!

Daisy is no longer with Sam but now with James. Fortunately I am already used to James coming around so don’t have to get used to anyone new.

The car is still doing reasonably well with a first service being carried out next week after the engine rebuild.

There are staffing issues at the coach house so I am having t keep on top of things there and make sure it does not end up collapsing. Email to be written there.

I so need my eyes tested but am nervous about the cost of it all as I just know I need new glasses which generally come in at around £200+

Matt is being less than perfect going back on just about everything we agreed in order for him to stay here a little longer. He’s making virtually no effort to get a full time job and, most worryingly, insisting he is in control of everything … yeah, like anyone who knows him would believe that.

I bought a gadget to connect the PC’s to the lounge TV, just hoping it will actually do what it says on the box.

I gotta go now, wanted to write more but out of time.

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