Hair today, gone tomorrow

It was decided that midnight Sunday was an excellent time to start doing my hair and, I was not so tired so didn’t object. However! After the end result became visible it soon was obvious that some hair cutting was required because all the original blonde had melted and was coming off in sticky clumps.

I am sitting here now at 01:48 waiting for the toner to take hold and probably screw up the rest of the remaining hair.

Poor Deej still has his cough and is most unhappy about it. My hair not going according to plan has upset him too so it is not a good night for him 🙁

Two of my oldest friends seem not to be talking to me now. I have tried both several email and text and no acknowledgement at all. I have no idea what I did to upset them but I would have thought I’d deserve more than to be blanked. Such is life, we move on.

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