Not Fair! :-(

I checked before I booked and nothing, all OK, nothing to worry about, go for it young man and enjoy …


I just checked the Disney site and there are some alterations to their schedule. The following attractions are not open the week we are there:

The Dragon beneath the Castle (Deej loves dragons and we were just chatting about it today)
Pirates of the Caribbean … for f****s sake!

Several others are closed the week prior so I guess thanks for not missing them all. Pirates though closes the day we arrive and opens again a week later, just after we leave 🙁

I mean, two things I planned on doing are now screwed, three if I include a meal at the Blue Lagoon because that won’t be open if Pirates is closed, that whole part of Adventureland is going to be dead.

On the plus side, that seems to be the only closures … so far.

Matt is playing a blinder … not only has he not moved out but he seems to have Anne staying here more often than not. So, not only am I not getting any rent I am accommodating another person … this is so not going to last and I am only giving it until Oct 4th when the council are meant to decide about who gets what flat.

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