It’s amazing how stupid I am meant to be …

Earlier I asked Daisy if she was coming with us to see Jermaine, Oh no, she already had plans to go to see her friends over the park … a lie, she had no plans at all.

I asked Matt if he wanted to come seeing as there was now a spare seat in the car. Oh no, he thought he’d probably have work this evening and was waiting on a call. I suggested he call them but apparently he didn’t need to do that, they’d call him. I asked then, what will happen with the cash in hand they give you … after some time he said he’d be giving it to me ‘of course’.

Matt eventually turned up back home around 01:30 with Anne, yes, again she is here and uninvited. I now have two lodgers that don’t pay anything. Matt was going on about how Anne had bought him this stuff he had and how wonderful it all was … I asked where the money was that he got paid but, apparently, they didn’t pay him … he did help them out but it was just like being helpful, not for money.

Yeah, you see, after 20+ years of parenting and 44 years of life I have become stupid. It is not glaringly obvious to me that Matt did get paid and is lying but that he has already spent a fair amount of the cash.

His room is again a tip and still stinks not to mention it is filthy having clearly never having been cleaned since it was last decorated in 2005.

The amount he owes me stands at £440.00

How stupid should I continue to be?

The council is meant to let people know tomorrow whether or not they have the studio flats they applied for … we shall whether or not Matt conveniently doesn’t get offered anything.

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