Hmmm …

Will I ever get to the point where my life is totally stress free so I can enjoy it or will I be so old by that point that my body will simply become my stress? Hell, I dunno so better just do as much as I can now!

Classic line heard from one chav to another earlier outside IKEA in Milton Keynes.

“Shuddap else I’ll hit you with a Christmas Tree Bitch!”

On the plus side, Matt is still doing ever so well with his mobile phone bill … at this rate he’ll be like me having more minutes and texts than he knows what to do with.

Daisy has hurt her foot and her arm so I have to get her to see a nurse and find out when she can use it all properly again because otherwise her course work at school won’t be done.

I am really depressed about my weight and need to get to the gym really soon. I have to accept cutting down on food is difficult just because Deej, bless him, makes it as difficult as hell when I ask for a small portion and I get a large one … that and that I am just so weak willed when it comes to food. I know I would be a lot better if it were just me but with so many people around me I am constantly faced with temptation.

On a geek moment for a bit … season 4 of Stargate Atlantis is awesome.

Someone has asked to put my name forward for something recently and it was just so special to have someone acknowledge I may have had a bit of a shit few years and could do with something nice. Even if nothing comes of it then it is just amazing anyone cares enough to think of it.

For the record, I would also be up for a total makeover, my garden landscaped and my house getting totally redesigned and decorated. OK, but a man can dream 🙂

Apparently, many entries ago (I may regret that choice of words) I wrote some stuff about my sex life … for future reference, anyone under the age of 18 shouldn’t read that sort of thing!

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