Yesterday Deej and I were in bed after the girls had gone to school/college. I got up at 9 and discovered a message on the answer phone from the orthodontist saying Zoey’s appointment yesterday had been cancelled. Not wanting to confuse matters any longer than need be at 9:15 I telephone the college to tell them I’d not need to be collecting her after all. They sounded concerned and then said “She never came in this morning”

So started the day of Zoey going missing.

I telephone the taxi company and they confirmed that though they were sure she was at home she would not answer the door when they knocked. I then realised I would soon have to be contacting the police and needed to speak to Daisy first so she could say what she would know about having been the last to see Zoey.

Duston school were arseholes. They seemed to go out of their way to be difficult despite me explaining the situation. They were stupid to a level I didn’t realise was possible from apparently educated people.

Eventually though I did call the police and set the search in motion. The by now collected Daisy and I went out searching in the car, Deej walked around locally and Robin held fort at home.

Everyone who knew about it was suitably in panic mode trying not to imaging anything negative.

I called Kris around 14:20 believing it was about right with regard to timing. Just 10 minutes later she called me back to say Zoey had just turned up there.

So, many hours later than anyone would have liked Zoey was safe … stupid but safe.

By the end of the day I was totally shattered, well, everyone was to be honest.

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