Lively time of it

Disneyland was really cool

Annoyingly, Deej got a tummy bug the first day and I got it a few days in which kind of buggered things up but we still enjoyed it despite the crap weather of the Sunday through Tuesday.

Our planned Paris trip didn’t happen as the French were in strike meaning hardly any trains.

Matt now has his flat and that meant me going out straight off yesterday (Saturday) to spend about £1k on new stuff for him. I was totally shattered and feeling really bad by bed time.

This morning I woke up around 08:30 and sat down to a tea when a call came through from the coach house.

The guy in the flat next to Jermaine had barged in and trashed the place. Jermaine had been kicked and punched and two staff members needed hospital treatment. On the plus side, everyone was really lucky and nothing too serious happened with regard to broken bones or death. Jermaine was fine by the time I got to see him. That was some significant time as I had to sort through what was left in his room, see what was broken, repairable or OK. I also had to speak to higher management and the police and yes, I sure as hell am pressing charges. The guy may be autistic but he does know the difference between right and wrong.

For the record, he’s now been moved so this should never happen again.

Jermaine lost his laptop and a cordless telephone.

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