Hmm …. (image here that I am sitting on a deserted beach just thinking to myself … I like to do that and have some of the most amazing thoughts and ideas doing it. Sadly, I rarely take a pad and pen so none of them will ever survive the day.

Of course, now and then I have recurring thoughts which may be provoked by current circumstance or may just be milling around in my mind looking for a means of escape and, unfortunately, those poor thoughts just have my inadequate writing abilities to give them life.

I don’t recall reading any more about this subject lately than I normally would or seeing it on television but the issue of climate change has been bouncing around my mind recently. Not only climate change but the state of this planet in general.

Thing is, I can recall quite clearly being told back in the 1970s’ that in my lifetime the oil would run dry. We may be some time away from that but just how long? Just because something is a conspiracy theory doesn’t mean it cannot be a conspiracy fact. Would we genuinely be told if we were fast approaching a crisis? I suspect not as it would inevitably mean a panic on oil such as we have seen in the past with the oil blockades. So, the price keeps going higher and higher until it becomes in unaffordable commodity. Literally millions of people will be without a viable means of transport and the issue of an expensive motor vehicle which has become totally worthless to deal with.

More so than this possibility is that of climate change and how much is happening, how quickly? Again, we are hardly likely to be told that the world as we know it is in its final generation, that would lead to anarchy. Better to allow us to feel as though we are playing a part to save the planet just enough for us to ignore the evidence of our own experience. No generation other than mine has witnessed so many meteorological records, so many natural disasters. My parents could quote an extreme winter of the 1940s and the summer of ’76. This was the extent of the climate change. Now we seem to have a new record each year. How finely balanced is this planet? Can it handle many more fluctuations before something major tips the eco system over the edge?

This is an amazing planet we live on. No one person could ever experience the amazing things it has to offer in a lifetime. None of us could ever know even a meaningful amount of knowledge contained on Earth.

If another fuel is not discovered soon then this amazing place is going to seem a lot bigger than it currently is as the aircraft are grounded, boats no longer run and we struggle to find the power to provide us with our electrical needs. How does a technically advanced society adapt to regression?

>Waves crash against the shoreline and I awake from my thoughts and enter once again the realm of reality< Jermaine’s flat should soon be OK again though there could be a bit of a struggle getting compensation for his losses. Matt is doing OK with his flat except that he seems to have trouble with the concept that he actually has to buy his own things now and cannot expect to keep taking stuff from here. Christmas will soon be upon us. Most of our shopping is done, this year is going to be a small affair … having said that, it doesn’t seem to be coming in any less than £500! I guess in comparison to more than double that last year I am really cutting down!

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