Christmas, the summary

What can I say except that it was great. To see my family so happy makes it all worth the effort. Jermaine seemed quite tired but I am sure will have eventually woken up to enjoy his gifts.

On the subject of gifts I got some amazing ones!

In no particular order I am now the proud owner of three robo whatsits. I have plenty of books to enjoy. There is a model of the first expensive car I ever bought in the colours it was finally after an expensive repaint … just before a thief wrote it off. I have this ever so sexy new keyboard and mouse.My joystick can’t wait to be held and I know I shall have lots of fun with it.FlightSim has been upgraded and I am looking forward to giving that a bash. There is this fantastic Disney Villains Snow Globe and along with my fun water feature and my crystal light changer, I am a little lost where they are going to go but they will be somewhere special eventually. I was up too late this morning to have Lucky Charms but that doesn’t mean I can’t have some for supper šŸ™‚ I now have a roll up keyboard to take around with me. It’s fairly basic as would be expected from a keyboard which can be rolled but it knocks out a tune and will be great when I go on holiday. Oh, and I almost forgot because I have slept since I last saw it, I got one of those Stingray vehicles (SPV I think) which now sits alongside a ship and an Eagle from Space 1999.

I only hope everyone else had as good a Christmas as we did. A huge thank you to all those who were here in person, here in spirit or in some other way contributed to the happiness.

In short, there was nothing I was disappointed about.

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