Still awaiting the final decision regarding the DLA. I say it is the ‘final’ decision, I don’t know that, it could just be the ‘next’ decision. To clarify, the DLA people are querying the decision. Apparently it is not an appeal just them asking the tribunal chairman what exactly they mean and how she reached her decision. That was send off to the tribunal panel about 2 weeks ago. I spoke to the clerk to the panel and she said that ‘these things take time’. I asked how long and she declined to answer that but did say it would be by the end of March for sure – probably.

Coincidentally (or not) Voyage (The Coach House) sent me a letter on Friday saying that I’d not yet made any contributions from Jermaine’s DLA award toward the transportation costs. They say that I will need to start paying about £27 a week as of April. I wrote back and told them Jermaine is not in receipt of any DLA and that the PCT have informed me his transport is already fully funded.

Nearly bought a dream sofa yesterday (£1400) but decided it was beyond my budget not least as I really also wanted the foot stalls which would be another £600. I have seen another one I like in DFS but even that is £1028. Ebay has one at the moment which ends on Tuesday evening. It is almost exactly what I’d been looking at anyway. Bidding is currently slow (99p) but I am watching it and figure that if it stays under £600 it is worth looking at. The only issue is that it is in Essex and I’d need to collect!

On a related note to all the above. Monday I have a van to use. I intend going to Wickes and getting some conti board for the office along with some timber and some attractive support legs which should all make the new office set up. We will also be going to Corby to swap Jermaine’s kit over there with what we have sitting here so TV and computer basically. Tomorrow, or rather, today, we are moving the ‘J’ lounge into Matt’s old room so the ‘J’ lounge will be no more. Matt’s old room is to be known as the games room. I plan to get a Wii around April time but for now it will have the Xbox and PS2 in there along with the laptop. The old PC that Deej is currently using is becoming the server and will run all the external hard drives from it allowing us all to just get on with restarting our respective PC’s without someone screaming we’ve just cut off their music or movie!

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