Hmm, The Army

No, not all those nice hunky men in camouflage gear but Northampton’s own ‘Jesus Army’. After doing a small amount of research I discovered they actually started in the late 60’s in Bugbrooke. For the first couple of decades they were busy falling out with all other organised religion until they were left somewhat isolated and in danger of being known as a cult on their farm. In the 80’s they decided they needed to make some changes and many of us will have noticed how in the past few years it is impossible to travel around the town without seeing either one of their buildings or some of their vehicles. They own the two tower blocks near town, have a 99 year lease on the old Cannon cinema in Abbey Stand own some property, at least two houses in East Park Parade which overlooks the racecourse. They also own a few businesses. One in Towcester and another in Daventry. There may be others but my brain can’t pinpoint them right now.

Their membership – I am stopping myself from using the term ‘recruits’ – are from asylum seekers, down and outs, drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes and just about anyone they think need their special brand of ‘Love Everyone’. That could also just as easily be my granny …. though she’s a little bit dead so I have to concede it is unlikely.

Well, as I may have mentioned in a previous blog entry, a few weeks back someone from the Jesus Army collected Zoey’s bed from me as we no longer needed it. Ever since then they have been trying to get us to visit them for a meal. It was meant to be tonight but, pending further investigations, I have declined the invitation. The whole concept is just one I am not comfortable with. I mean, as an individual I would go along simply out of curiosity but I am just not content with the notion of introducing the kids and Deej to the unknown.

On an unrelated note … I have been really quite impressed with Matt recently. True, it is probably Anne doing the leading but even so, he wouldn’t listen to me so he must have changed in some way to be listening to someone else. He is actually being quite responsible these days, most unusual and also very pleasant. I just so wish he worked for a company which appreciated his talents rather than one which simply employed monkeys that they can pay peanuts to.

I really should get my little finger sorted. It has been most painful for months now and is always twice the size of the other one.

Feeling the need to do something social.

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