Not so bad at the moment

I have spent a few hours in bed today in between visits from first Robin and David and then Robin on his own and I think I really needed that to help me recover.

Still really aching and my nose feels like it is on fire but apart from that I don’t feel as bad as I have done after previous decorating stints.

On the plus side, all rooms are now tidy and being used properly though some minor housework needs doing.

I am so glad it is a mild evening as I have just spent an hour out in the garden getting the rubbish ready for going out tomoz. Three black sacks worth of the girls rubbish had to be removed from wheelie bins to make way for ‘proper’ rubbish. Their discarded crap will be taken to the tip tomorrow. The bin men will just love the mountain of cardboard we are putting out for them!

I still have a picture to out up in the office and some shelves in the kitchen which I should so just get on and do and stop thinking about doing!

Have been invited to dinner by the guy who collected Zoey’s bed on Saturday. He’s a Christian and we have struck a deal; I promised not to turn him gay and he’s promised not to turn me Christian and he knows, I don’t do prayers! I was real close with my id of the accent but it was Hungary and I am not sure I emphasised that possibility enough.

Need to look at Cosmos website and see when they are supposed to issue tickets. There was a time when 6 weeks prior was the norm so if it is that, they are late!

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