Ewww, Shudder

Today has been basically fairly shite.

I set it aside to mainly relax but also to catch up on the phone calls I have been putting off plus a few more to do with the car. It was all rather simple except that it wasn’t.

It was the best part of an hour once I sat at my desk before I could start anything as I was already on the phone to all and sundry and in no particular order. Once I finally had time to dial some numbers I was getting recorded messages saying they were too busy to answer the phone. Eventually I did get some results, I did manage to get the insurance sorted for the new car ready for collection. I also managed to speak to DLA and establish they got the ‘Statement of Reasons’ last week but it’ll take up to 6 weeks for them to make a decision and that decision could be to appeal against it thus delaying it for many more months. Eventually I also got through to DVLA to find out I can’t tax the car myself for the new owner but he has to do that himself. The little man who does rear parking sensors contacted me and the sensors plus the cruise control will cost me around £830. (Ouch!) Commissioning called to verify they had all the right details and had worded the letter right to try and get Jermaine a wheelchair, it all sounded good but it’ll get rejected. On the plus side, and back to the car insurance, I am covered for the new car until mid way through July anyway so no hurry to pay out on that one. When I do it’ll cost me around £400. The premium for the Sebring last year was £530 so not the largest saving in the world but it’ll do. The real saving is over the year on the fuel. With the Sebring currently costing around £150 a month it stands to reason I stand to regain £900 a year so an over all saving of in excess £1000 without the worry it’ll be off the road for months for something as daft as a broken windscreen.

I feel totally shattered and not in a good way. My head tells me I am pleased about the new car but my heart tells me I am more sad about losing the Sebring. I just hope that feeling goes away once the Sebring is gone and I am driving around in the Megane.

Hopefully … no, wait, the set aside of tomorrow as a relaxing day has gone too now. I have arranged to have the radios swapped over by Neville tomorrow and to do some shopping as well.

Thankfully, I can relax and gratefully watch a show in the evening tomorrow evening.

Thursday right now is free as is Friday … watch this space.

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