Bouncy bouncy, fun, fun fun …

Deej and me assembled a trampoline for one of the other carers from the group yesterday. We also had to move a swing as she has one of the smallest gardens ever. It was a small miracle we got things fitted at all and am so glad I took a tape measure along! It was a good morning though and we have had a right laugh doing it.

We sat down and watched ‘Stargate Continuum’ last night. Three times we got interrupted and had to stop the movie so shall have to try again some other time when there is less chance of this happening. It was a good movie though, all the usual Stargate magic with some excellent twists. Sad to see Don S Davis in it so soon after he died. Great though to have a great many familiar characters from previous episodes show up. I actually failed to detect any glaring errors too. Only downside is that there is no planned follow up movie or new series of SG1, this really could have been the end of the line for it and that’s a sad thought. It is good though that we still have Atlantis to keep us going for a few months.

Deej said there was a call on my mobile yesterday from a withheld number. The caller refused to say what it was about and said they’d call back. It’s annoying as it gets me worried someone I care about could be in bother. Needless to say, no one called back so I have to presume it was probably just a sales team.

It’s amazing, petrol is at nearly £1.20 a litre albeit for .1 of a penny. The queues for fuel at Tesco earlier were huge and blocking off roads. I’d have gone somewhere else but I had a 5p off a litre voucher and it would have been stupid not to have used it. All this talk of people in real hardship yet still the car wash was busy.

Had a nice chat, first chat, with someone else off line earlier. It’s really cool to get to hear what people sound like and realise they are actually very much like the personalities I assumed they were.

Am hungry now, time for grub 🙂

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