What do you mean it’s nearly August?

Yes, here we go again, just getting into the whole notion that summer is ahead of me, shirtless guys, suntans and sleepless nights and it’s nearly August already. What does that mean cos surely summer goes through to September? Well, yes,in theory it does but also, in theory, it starts some time in June and we’ve had sod all so far so that’s a 50% failure rate. This puts a lot of hope riding on just 50% of the remaining possibility! Not even the slightest whiff of a hose pipe ban.

I was reminded earlier of one of my favourite bits of advice … take ownership of your own feelings and leave others to take care of theirs. That may sound a little harsh but if a conflict arises between one person and another meaning one of them is going to end up miserable, we have to fall back to number one and let the other person do the same. It’s also dead important never to deny our own feelings because they are inconvenient to our lifestyle. Feelings don’t go away unless we make changes. So, if we feel stressed, need to sleep more, hurt easily, chances are we are living a lifestyle which doesn’t suit us and we need to change it.

This is what I am doing or, rather, plan to do if this CRB check comes though. I cannot go day to day wondering what my future is going to be, I have to make it something, have some control over my destiny which, as a person on benefits, albeit it, through necessity, I currently don’t have. Yeah, I am happy enough and sure as hell don’t consider my life to date is wasted but I do, for the first time in years, see the path ahead as open to options. Until recently it was a fixed road with no slip roads. I have about another 5 years that I could go on just as I am because of the care Zoey still needs but after that, it’s not so clear. We shall start getting to the point where she may well need to move out to start as near an independant life as possible and then I am knowhere. As an alternative, I could make a move now, get myself fit for employment, do some serious networking and used to regular hours and routine. Then, in 5 years time, or maybe sooner, I could even develop something akin to a career, possibly move on building up a private pension. It’s actually quite exciting.

Wednesday night I am designating ‘Stargate Night’ when I hope that we can watch the latest Atlantis and also the latest sg1 movie again … yes, of course you are most welcome from 7pm onwards!

Before that though I need to take the car to get the AC sorted. I so hope that isn’t too expensive. I should still have transport though whilst it is gone but have no idea what I am going to be roaming around in.

Boy this is a good week … kids break up Wednesday, that means I can have a lay in Thursday (I hope). On Friday I am off to enjoy ‘Joseph’ at the Derngate theatre, a show I have wanted to see since I was around 12 back in the days when they had to perform it in black and white and played the national anthem at the end of it 😉

Anyway, the hoodie of time is about to be chucked out by the Lakeside of eternity so am going to sign off now

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