A Cold Front

Or rather, not!

Got the final death sentence on the AC in the car today. The quote is for over £500 and it has already cost me £90+. I’d allowed £200 tops so I couldn’t allow it more than £110. So, that’s that and I have to hope for good dry weather now and may all the raining days be cold ones.

I was a little upset today to discover it was one of my friends 18th birthday. He was asking around for someone to spend it with and I had to let him down because I was trying to sort the car out. On top of that I had a ‘pretend’ cop coming round to visit to discuss the setting up of neighbourhood watch in this area. What was annoying about that was him being due here at 5pm yet he actually turned up at 6.45pm still expecting a meeting on the subject. I feel doubly mean to Andy now for not agreeing to meet him as I could easily have changed what I did with the car until tomorrow and, if I’d know the cop was going to mess about, I could have cleared the remainder of the day.

The other day I also missed Danny’s birthday. I really did promise myself I’d buy a card and post it off to him in good time but I totally forgot to do it and had to resort to a web message instead, way too lame for words.

On the plus side, I feel great and am still looking forward to Stargate night tomorrow and the theatre on Friday.

I have also decided that this weekend I am going to win several million pounds on the lottery and I have great plans for August and September to spend the proceeds on … so, leave me to my little fantasy for a bit will you. On the very slim chance I am mistaken – and yes, I confess, I have been before – I would still be happy to treat anyone available to a pot of tea in Beatties 🙂

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