Boy it’s Hot ….

Somewhere other than here!

Rain and more rain and summer rapidly running out.

Now, what news do I have for the world?

I started work yesterday (voluntary) and achieved a lot on my first day which made me feel really great. Today I only needed to do a little training with them over the phone … that’s me training them, not the other way around. It’s amazing me just how excited I am feeling about it. I like ‘working’ as it makes me feel as though I am giving something back to the community for the benefits I receive. I know I still need them and deserve them but even so, it still isn’t widely accepted that benefits are essential for some people. Even better, all the experience is going to look really good on my CV when I eventually start looking for paid work and, if I am real lucky, I may actually fall into a job whilst volunteering.

The car, yes, the car. Apart from the air condition problem in relation to which I have struck a deal with the garage to get cruise control fitted at the same time combining the labour cost, I now have another issue with the damn thing. It cuts out soon after it starts. When driving it shudders and occasionally, on starting, it sounds like a bucket of spanners is being chucked about under the bonnet. If it is what I suspect it is then I’ll unlikely see much change out of £600. The AC and cruise is going to cost the best part of £800. In just two months of ownership I have already lost £1200 on the value of the car and will be saving to repay my overdraft for months just when I was getting painfully close to the nice colour in my bank balance. On top of that my fuel bill is almost certain to go sky high so way more money going out than I can comfortably afford.

On the plus side … it was Deej’s birthday on Sunday and I put together a surprise party for him. Robin and Julie did the food and I madly went around cleaning the house trying to make it look normal to do so on a Sunday. Loads of people turned up for Deej and that made me really happy as not one person from his time before know me turned up despite being invited, not even a card from any of them. But, that aside, it was a great day and I got a little too pissed for which I have been paying ever since 🙁

Several good things to look forward to later this month despite the crap weather!

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