Damn Bugs

I had been looking forward to going to a friends BBQ all week yet I woke up today feeling dreadful. It has to be a bug of some kind and it may well be gone by tomorrow but it has totally screwed up my plans for today. On the plus side, the kids were able to go as it is only a short walk away.

Last night I showed Nick a youtube video of how much homophobia still exists and is acceptable within the UK right now. It was a follow on from the incident at Daisy’s school when they gang of lads started hurling homophobic abuse at me.One of the phrases they used was ‘batty boy’ which I had heard before, several years before when we had the troubles at the other place but didn’t fully understand why it was so common in the UK or if indeed it was commonly used. Looking at youtube showed me that it is positively sanctioned in the UK and a totally acceptable term to use and not even just by black people either from where the use originated.

Still feeling incenced by the youtube thing I posted a thread about it on Kagoul.com hoping that someone there may pick it up and also make a complait against youtube for their promotion of homophobia in this country. On the contrary, one absolute idiot on there took the opportunity not to attack the homophobic attitude but me for being openly gay and a parent. He said I was a complete idiot for being gay and having kids and that I should keep a very low profile, in short, pretend to be straight.

What a total tosser that guy is! This has been only the second time in my life a gay man has said bluntly to me that homophobic attacks against me are somehow my own doing. How short sighted and ignorant that attitude is. Only gay men could reach this conclusion and it is because they can that we still have so many problems. What if the country took the attitude that black people brought racism upon themselves and should keep a low profile? It’s a crazy notion that we should have to accept prejudice as normal and minority groups are to blame for their own problems. I so hope that the person in question on that website very soon becomes the victim of homophobia in the most graphic way and then, I trust, he will look at himself and his lifestyle ‘choice’ and make no attempt to blame the guys who attack him but instead go back in the closet and lead a very quiet existance for the rest of his life … what a totally stupid attitude to take.

On a less serious note … the weather is absolute shit like we are already easing into winter. I find it very difficult to plan ahead when something as simple as rain can ruin those plans.

Back work on Monday, I so hope this bug has gone by then, I enjoy it too much to stay at home.

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