Different Approach

For years my way of thinking with regards to cars is to get a loan and then renew it every couple of years with a slightly higher figure and get another car (or whatever). After having experienced the Abbey and Toyota I decided that my options were not so clean cut this time around, I had to think of something different.

In view of that I am selling the Megane for whatever I can get for it. I am using the proceeds to repay my outstanding loan which will enable me to quite soon quit the Abbey for good if I want to. Needing a car I decided that leasing is the better option and, in consideration of that I have ordered a new Mazda 6 TS2. It has all the things I want, just about the same colour as the Megane, more economical and, well, it’ll do.

This does mean that I get 3 years of worry free motoring with no bills to pay except on fuel so that has to be a bonus.

Have been sorting out computers the past few days. Deej got himself a pain of a virus so it was quicker to rebuild his machine. In the meantime, the network at home has been playing up for some reason. Today Nick asked that help rebuild his laptop which I have done. Am most annoyed that I suffered a hard drive failure which just happened to be the drive with his back up files on it and we have lost the most important of those 🙁

Busy day again tomorrow though I do plan on having a lay in bed for as long as I can get away with. I am a little fed up getting so tired on a Sunday each week.

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