My issue is, I suspect there is still something wrong with the car. I suspect what it may be but have absolutely no evidence to support that. Indeed, I have had diagnostic tests done which say there is nothing wrong with the car.

I am currently selling it, I actually do need the money and as much as I can get.

Someone called earlier and she seems like a really nice person, we even had a little giggle on the phone. Do I mention what I think could be wrong with the car or honestly tell her that as far as I know, nothing is wrong?

It does occasionally make a knocking noise on start up, she may notice it, what do I say?

Do I just leave out everything except the facts?

I am just hoping that if she looks at the car over the weekend she brings some bloke with her who pretends to be an expert on car who pisses me off, I won’t feel so bad about myself then.

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