Achievment Today

It’s always amazing to me how much more relaxed I am once I have cleared my desk of paperwork that needs doing. All my accounts are balanced, some of them are even in the black!

  • I have managed to get an appointment to see the MP about the stupid law causing so many problems with Jermaine’s benefits.
  • I have got a date for the new appeal hearing
  • I have got us Annual Holiday Insurance at half the normal price I pay

We have set a date of ‘Boxing Day’ for our next house party, everyone who matters should receive some form of invite over the next few days. If you don’t get one, contact me, I am not perfect and probably just failed to click you on an email selection screen!

Not heard anything from ‘The Abbey’ regarding my complaint … it doesn’t help that their website is currently down as well. Indeed, were I like to think it, I may presume there are some serious issues with ‘The Abbey’ right now.

A little sad for Martyn that he is on his last day of holiday, always a bummer when the hols are over.

Feeling quite tired now … something to do with going to bed a little too late last night and being woken up to darned early this morning!

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