The Outside

That is what being a Volunteer is all about

A totally empty office with all the staff having a meeting, discussing, laughing and being a team upstairs with me downstairs not even authorised to answer the phones.

Those that appear downstairs do so with hushed voices lest I discover something confidential because I don’t have the right to know anything.

I was asked to sort out some tech issues. The task would have taken seconds but, I can’t do it at all, I am not staff so I don’t have access rights.

Have a meeting later (probably) in which I will discuss loads of useful things but will have to mention, I may not be able to do them because I don’t have access rights!

This is just so frustrating! I know and understand it isn’t personal but being part of a team whilst being excluded from much of what it does, well, that doesn’t feel like being part of anything. I feel as useful as the fax machine!

It’s a good job this looks good on my CV else I really think I’d give up.

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