Feeling ….

… a little better

Many of the problems have not gone away but I am now in a ‘what the hell’ mood.

For the first time in several years I am debt free. I have this car of course but, that aside, I don’t have any huge great debts. Just as long as things remain as they are I am actually better off each week than I was a month ago.

We are really looking forward to Disney, it promises to be really great if the weather doesn’t let us down (and it might). Just fingers cross, no rain. Of course, I used to know someone who would reasonably reliably be able to tell me what we are likely to expect but hey ho.

Work tomorrow. Not sure if they got the hint to make sure I am employed. I hope so because when I am working I enjoy it but just sitting around looking for work has never ever appealed to me my entire life. I need to be kept active else it defeats the object.

Posted a letter direct to Atari in France earlier … just wondering if they would be so ‘bull in a china shop’ as their solicitors of whether they are prepared (unlike their solicitors) to listen to reason. Time will tell … I am expecting a letter to arrive on December 24th giving me a court date for December 31st! That way I can start 2009 badly so things can only get better from then on.

My health is starting to recover after the painting, always takes a few days and sometimes weeks but I can feel the change now.

Watched Ballet Trocadero in Birmingham last Thursday with Robin, really excellent and funny though, cos of recent events I was exhausted so did struggle to stay awake quite a bit. The humongous meal beforehand didn’t help either with its belt busting qualities!

I got to thinking a little while back, who actually reads this? The trouble is, if I actually give that some serious thought I have to try and make it interesting and we simply can’t have that at all!

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