All my fault (apparently)

That’s right, social services don’t have to pay me anything to look after James because it was all my fault that I collected and brought him here, nothing to do with them. So, until such time as we become ‘OK’ when the CRB checks are back, they won’t pay more than £15 each week. When the CRB checks come back, they will look at the options we have suggested to them but not until then.

We should not need anything to take James to France as far as I can gather. Because he is 16 he doesn’t need permission to leave the UK and travel.

The nominated person from social services also lied to me. I asked clearly how much for the furniture and she eventually, after a long time, said her boss said £200. Now she is claiming she never said that. This despite that her boss also told me himself he said £200 last week. She is saying that she told James and I that they would be paying £200 for the furniture and the TV. To make matters worse and where I so think they are incorrect and very unfair, they are taking this money from James ‘leavers allowance’ which is the amount of money they are meant to pay when a child leaves care. That despite the fact that they have not confirmed his placement here so, in theory, he could be still ‘looked after’ for some 18 months! I really feel they are abusing their position in this and intend to write a letter of complaint.

On the plus side, and I mean this weakly, they have agreed to give James £100 spending money for the holiday which kicks me in the teeth for having spent around £200 to get him with us of my own money. They are contributing £95 to his £170 TV.

It just seems really sick that I am saving them a lot of money doing the right thing here and they can get away with daylight robbery and lies.

My previous motor insurers refunded me the money from my premium which will come in handy.

As a result of my complaint against ‘Abbey’ I am meant to be getting £80

Work was shit again today. Nothing to do, or, rather, nothing I actually could do. I do have some tasks I’d like to do but can’t do them because of the delays on getting the software sorted. Add to that no one has agreed where the site is meant to sit and that I don’t have any reliable regular hardware to use and I am just not seeing any point going in any longer. Apparently I can’t have full access rights as it would be a conflict of interests because I am still a carer. I have pointed out that it may be construed I am getting special treatment because I could potentially be saving them thousands on their website but they seem to have missed that little issue.

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