Finally …

An update.

I know, it’s been an age since I wrote anything but that’s just the way I have been feeling the past few weeks, not really in a sharing mood with my life.

On the negative side, social services are still arse holes and seem to be going out of their way to be awkward. I cannot say for certain what their motivation for this is, I suspect one of two things or possibly both. Saving money could well be the primary reason for their attitude but I also cannot rule out homophobia and sexism. The social worker, Rachel, has gone out of her way to support James mum in this regardless of evidence to the contrary with total disregard for the welfare of James, all women together and all that.

Enough of the negatives … on the plus side, Disney was really most excellent. There was some arguments and heated disagreements but they were as nothing compared to the fun we had there. The ‘Tower of Terror’ is awesome. It’s different to the one in Florida but just as good. Crush’s Coaster was great too, amazing what difference not having a tummy bug can make. The video lasts a whole just around 4 minutes which really was as long as I felt comfortable doing.

Staying with Steve & Rosie in Faversham was brilliant and made the whole experience even more memorable and pleasant.

We have also stayed in Clapham using that as a base to trip down to Brighton in the soaking rain which was still great fun just totally bonkers … ‘It’s OK, we’re British’.

We’ve had Christmas dinner with my dad and Kath which was really rather enjoyable and I got to meet James mum who I now understand, and his younger brother and sister. It’s fairly obvious that his mum is one of those who blusters on her arse and then wonders why the kids are unmanageable.

The shopping is all done, wrapped and sorted and we are ready to go.

Only a few more sleeps until Christmas and we are really excited.

Things look to be on the up for Matt and Anne too, both are moving upwards at work and seem to be growing up, and, most important, appear to be happy and that’s all I ever really want from all of the kids, that they can look after themselves and be happy within the law … I am really rather proud of all of them, there is so much promise there.

Great news to read that my friend Pete is moving closer to here and away from the Chavs on the Eastern District.

I am entering into 2009 optimistic and in no mood for any bastards to bugger that up for me so … be warned! (No, not you, the other one)

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