Remembering Others

I think it is important all year but especially this time of year to recall those who have either died or otherwise stepped out of our lives over the years. Any list I give is by no means comprehensive but more a sample of the special people I have known who are simply not around me any longer. This does not devalue those still close to me, I would hope they already know how deeply I care for them.

Those which have died:

I will have had 22 Christmas days without my mum
20 of them without my Nan
Just a few now without Tony

Those who have influenced or enriched my life or just gave me laughs:

Simon, I often wonder what would have happened had ‘things’ not happened.
Neil, my first real love and always with a space in my heart
Martyn, he knows his reasons
Paul, my friend from school who prefers the drink to his life
Brian Crutchley who somehow could get me laughing with just a look
Seb, my friend from France, I miss those Trek chats

You know what, that list is in no particular order and I can think of so many more who deserve to be on it but, it doesn’t matter. They are in my thoughts often and I miss them.

Happy Christmas everyone

“No man is a failure who has friends”

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