I got myself a cold which is annoying. I am not ill, just a little snotty, shivery and sore and all of those I can live with for a few days! I have been ill before now, I know what influenza is and this isn’t, end of.

Have been trying to plan a holiday this week. Decided against risking a foreign holiday seeing as we have no legal right to take James out of the country and are relying on the good will of his parents, it actually just isn’t worth the risk that they may suddenly refuse. We then opted for a UK holiday on a broads boat using the holiday vouchers we are entitled to thanks to use shopping at Tesco. All was going well until the company said how much deposit they wanted, right now, on a debit card … £700! As I said to them, this is a recession and larger holiday companies than their’s have gone tits up, why would I want to risk £700? They have not replied as yet.

Another familiar face from Star Trek universe died recently, these things happen. A sign we are all getting that little bit older.

We lost the DLA appeal for Jermaine last week. We knew we would from the moment we walked in. I don’t agree with their reasoning but, at the same time, I cannot see us defeating it either. An appeal would be a very long winded affair with little chance of getting a reversal on the matter. Still, nothing lost except time.

Have been working on the final touches to the charity website. It is still in testing phase right now. I am also restricted by where it is hosted so cannot add some of the features I want to add which is frustrating! Just heard of another Northampton charity who have obtained a 4 figure grant for a site which, by all accounts, is not going to be a whole lot different. I just so hope my investment in to my CV pays off as I could end up rather bitter about all the work I do if I get no reward ultimately.

Pete is another year older and a special year this year too. Many happy other ones, love you Pete xxx

James now has a BMX and no doubt I shall shite bricks each time he goes out on it. All I have so far managed to achieve by way of a concession is that he puts brakes on it!

Next week is going to be busy for me as I have three training days Tues thru Thurs and then a meeting in Corby on Friday. I amongst those I also have at least one, possible two other evening meetings as well so I think I may just be right knackered by the end of the week.

I have just managed to write this with only 4 sneezes which, and you don’t need to know this, needed some considerable cleaning up … ewww.

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