I was doing one of those Facebook searches we probably all do when totally bored and seem to have found several family members. Most significant would be my sister of course … we have not spoken in a decade or so, actually, maybe a couple of decades but who’s counting!

There were various first cousins there as well so I applied to have them add me … I don’t expect anyone to accept and, if they do, it is probably because they click yes to everything and have no idea who I am!

I offered to James that I would help him to be a dad, if he wants me to. He doesn’t have anyone up here that could or would do that in a friendly, actually gives a fuck kind of way and I don’t want my grandchild growing up without his biological dad because I didn’t do all I could do to create and maintain some sort of contact. This is not to say James will ever be a primary carer, that role will become and remain Daisy’s and, of course, any guy she happens to make a commitment to in the coming months or years. That’s not to shut James out, it’s just the nature of relationships and parenting. It would be quite impossible for Daisy to be living with someone or seeing him seriously and yet, with him in a naturally occuring parenting role, not being considered as a parent. The harsh reality is, when a relationship falls apart, the party who walks away is always the one who loses out, it cannot be any other way. It is though, quite possible for a child to have two people he calls ‘Dad’ so James need not worry. If he loves his kid, doesn’t spoil him or her and doesn’t make life awkward for his primary carers, he’ll be OK.

Doncaster Airport … airport? Well, apparently so. Anyone could be forgiven for wondering what the hell it was all about. It’s like, in a field … obviously I suppose, what with it being an airport and all, a little space is sort of a requirement but really, it looks like it has just been tagged on the back of some blokes farm. There is this large treminal building which resembles Milton Keynes station, a fair size car part but yet, smaller than that of the average ‘Tesco’. It really looked like there were no other people around, like it was a Sunday and the place was closed!

Still, I am reliably informed that it must have been open as Matt and the girls arrived safely. After an incident with the wrong accomodation (and resort for that matter) they seem to like their hotel which is, as suspected, in Lloret De Mar.

We had fun and games before we left though … I remembered (thankfully) to double check with Matt he had all his documents with him … his accomodation voucher, transfer slip and all that sort of thing and he just looked at me blankly like I was talking a strange language. Turns out he hadn’t printed anything off at all! I then suggested he telephone Ryanair to check baggage allowance as it seemed they were only allowed one item of hold luggage and that could not exceed 15kg between them. They had packed two cases, as it turns out, one was 14kg and the other 8kg! So, mad panic to strip the bags down, get rid of the stuff they could manage without and amalgamate into one case … it came in at exactly 15kg! They were misinformed on the hand luggage though. They were told 2kg but when they got there it was actually 10kg which I thought overly generous as I am used to it being just 5kg. No matter, they are there now, all seems well.

Hopefully we get to have Sean around here loads this week, he’s kind of missing Daisy so we don’t think it is right for him to be moping around on his own

Tomorrow I am going to see Transformers 2, looking forward to it, actually, kind of looking forward to relaxing just about anywhere!

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