My PC was running really badly, had been for some time now so I decided that a rebuild was in order. I had been backing things up in prep for some time so that side didn’t take too long. Indeed, the whole process was quite pain free and the machine now runs as it should be.

My main gripe would be when it gets around to the Microsoft update VISTA SERVICE PACK 2.

I tried an install ot it before the rebuild and it crashed the system, glitches all over the place. I assumed the rebuild would resolve most or all of those issues but it didn’t. On reboot and within moments and after several restarts of an apparent succesful install, I got the blue screen of death!

Microsoft can go to hell with service pack 2, I think I will stick with a working PC

The laptop too was sluggish and was running XP. I had a choice, rebuild XP or go radical, load Linux. That is what I have done and the machine positively flies now. True, it really is for basics. Forget hefty games, that is not what Linux is about. What it does, the office suite, the multimedia, the web, pictures etc, it does very well and fast, boy does it load such things as Firefox at some speed.

For anyone sitting there with a laptop running slow on XP, you may want to consider the totally free option of Linux.

Went out earlier for Robin’s birthday. We were planning that taking him out for a meal would be his birthday present but then, Julie decided she was going to pay for her and Robin which left it rather ‘awkward’ for me. I am sure Robin is fine with it but, even so, the best laid plans and all that.

James is still being rather silly, on my last hearing of it. Still thinking he is in the position to dictate who can do what, when and where. It’s so stupid because if he is not careful, it is also going to be terribly destructive. I can but hope, as always, that he may just think things through some more and reach a better place than he is right now.

Really quiet here without Daisy, everyone is missing her but it sounds like she’s having a really nice time over in Spain.

With luck I should get the new car next week.

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