Michael Jackson – Dead

This is a man who has been around all of my life, I grew up with him in my world.

Many of his tracks I consider as classics. I didn’t like everything, some I consider to be rubbish but others I have special memories associated with them.

But, whether we like his music or not, whether we like his lifestyle choices or not, the man is a huge figure in the music industry. I also want to say, I think it is important, that none of the sex assault allegations against him were proven. Indeed, there is accurate evidence to inplicate claimants in fraud. Most likely the cases were fabrications to make money.

Certainly one would have to acknowledge he was quite screwed up, clearly apart from the ‘normal’ world in which we live. Does that make him a bad person? No, not really.

It is about his music anyway. His personal life is known by very few, his music is known by millions. That amount of people cannot be ignored, the man had to have ‘something’.

RIP Michael Jackson, thank you for the music.

One thought on “Michael Jackson – Dead

  1. I've never been a huge fan of him, he has a few amazing songs like 'Earth Song', he was a great singer, dancer, choreographer, writer and director. He was definately a legend.
    Something big ended when he died, and it's sad how he lived for the last years. Cuase I can't believe he would be in any way happy. But he had amazing music, talent, and he will never be forgotten 🙂

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