Here we are, July once again

Yet another July, that’s 46 1st of July’s I have experienced now … scary thought, it was 30 years last week since I left school, 30 years tomorrow since I started work … OK, not that scary but those numbers with a ‘0’ on the end of them seem to keep getting bigger numbers in front of them!

We think we more or less have the Civil Partnership all sorted, just a few loose ends and we are set to go.

A few days ago I ordered some software. I really want not to be one of those going the route of illegal downloads and, as it is software I have preferred and bought before I thought I’d buy an amazing offer on an upgrade pack. Yesterday, UPS delivered the package to the chavs at number 29. None of us lot were going to go up there so I called the UPS team, explained the situation and today they came out again to collect from 29 and deliver to us. Predictably, the people at 29 claim they left it on our doorstep. Now, UPS don’t believe them for one moment, I could not possibly comment.

This is where the fun and games start. Called UPS … apparently, their contract with the supplier states that they can deliver a package anywhere they consider reasonable as long as they get a signiture. Once signed for that is their contract complete, they refused to take any responsibility for it. I contacted the supplier, they said that their contract was with UPS so it was their responsibilty to make sure the package was delivered. I contacted the police, they put it down to theft and gave me a crime reference number. The supplier was a little better after I called them back and explained I had contacted the police .. even so, they tell me I have to wait up to 72 hours for a reply so I know whether they plan to do nothing, give me a refund or honour the contract and resend the merchandise. If I get a refund I am screwed because the special offer has ended and I cannot get the same price or anywhere near again, I need a resend, we shall wait and see.

James … we visited him the other day in his plush new flat. All nice fitted kitchen, quality cooker, washing machine … indeed, all modern fixtures and fittings. Social Services have provided him with a large screen TV and an Xbox. He has all his furniture provided for him, leather sofa etc and a new double bed on the way.

He said he wants the hostilties to end … I did point out that any which existed were of his own making and what he was perpetuating. He said he was done with lies, he wanted us to respect him and he would respect us … however, the same evening as this new leaf of not telling lies he lied about having credit on his phone. He also claimed that the opinion certain people had of this family was their own creation and nothing to do with him. He also said that if Sean did anything with Daisy that he would kill him! Once again, he seems to be doing the old one of ‘you have to trust me because I say so but I don’t actually have to mean anything I say’.

Well, we shall give it a little time, see what happens. We have been here before, we don’t hold out much hope.

Daisy has a new social worker now, she seems to have a similar opinion of the ‘leaving care team’ as we have … I shall say no more.

Hopefully, the social worker is going to arrange a meeting between all of us to lay cards on table, I think this may come as some shock to James presuming he’d agree to it.

Been socialising this evening with friends, very enjoyable.

Yesterday we did Milton Keynes, right knackering but good fun.

Lots to look forward to over the coming weeks, may not have much time to write any more so, if you don’t read from me … I’ll be back … as that homophobic twat in California would say

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